Published by admin | 29-01-2017

Aussie Millions $10,000.00 Main Event Winner

  Shurane Vijaram has won the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event. This is the final hand: Surance Vijaram: 5d5h Ben Heath: Ks8c Board: 6h 9c 7s 3h Qs Ben Heath missed his straight draw and shoved all-in on the river. Shurane had him covered and made the call after a couple minutes replaying the hand […]

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Published by admin | 29-12-2016

Lottery sit and go | Blast, Twister, Spin N’ Go, Sit N’ Go Hero review and winning strategies

One of the more recent developments in online poker has been the proliferation of lottery sit and go tournaments. These matches have a variable prize pool generally ranging from between two to ten thousand times your buy in. The prospect of sudden riches motivates recreational players to try their luck and their presence in turn […]

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