Published by admin | 29-12-2016

Lottery sit and go | Blast, Twister, Spin N’ Go, Sit N’ Go Hero review and winning strategies

One of the more recent developments in online poker has been the proliferation of lottery sit and go tournaments. These matches have a variable prize pool generally ranging from between two to ten thousand times your buy in. The prospect of sudden riches motivates recreational players to try their luck and their presence in turn […]

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Published by admin | 25-12-2016

The Basics of Being Successful in Poker: Bankroll Management

What constitutes a poker bankroll? For a professional gambler this term can mean their net. A more risk averse individual may wish to limit the amount of their net worth which can be devoted to gambling and delineate a particular portion of their wealth to the task of gambling. Whichever definition you choose managing your […]

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Published by admin | 23-12-2016

Poker Concept of the Week : Betting Marginal Holdings in Position

Today we are going to look at a powerful concept in big bet poker, namely betting marginal hands in position. Playing aggressively with only moderately strong holdings when your opponents check to you is immediately profitable and has tremendous meta-game benefits. A lot of good things can happen when you bet a dubious holding after […]

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Published by admin | 22-12-2016

1.000.000$ BLAST Tournament at starting 26.12. ist starting their 1.000.000 BLAST Tournament in a couple days. BLAST is new tournament format with a very fast pace. Four-handed tables and it only lasts three, four, five or six two-minutes levels, depending on the price pool which is determined randomly. After the clock reaches zero, everyone is set all in on every […]

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