Aussie Millions $10,000.00 Main Event Winner


Shurane Vijaram has won the 2017 Aussie Millions Main Event. This is the final hand:

Surance Vijaram: 5d5h

Ben Heath: Ks8c

Board: 6h 9c 7s 3h Qs

Ben Heath missed his straight draw and shoved all-in on the river. Shurane had him covered and made the call after a couple minutes replaying the hand in his mind over and over again. Shurane turned his 135$ satellite ticket into 1.6 Million dollars! The full results of the top 10 finalists:

1 Shurane Vijayaram 1,600,000
2 Ben Heath 1,000,000
3 Tobias Hausen 620,000
4 Jeff Rossiter 440,000
5 Fedor Holz 335,000
6 David Olson 270,000
7 Luke Roberts 210,000
8 Peter Aristidou 155,000
9 Nicholas Wright 155,000
10 Koray Aldemir 115,000


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